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2000 HM The Queen Mother 100th Birthday 5 Pounds Coin First Day Cover

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Yesteryear Commemorative Coin First Day Covers

2000 HM Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother 100th Birthday 5 Pounds Coin First Day Cover

This 2000 coin cover celebrates 100th birthday of HM Queen Elizabeth 'The Queen Mother' as a First Day cover. The special coin cover features a Royal Mint 5 Queen Mother Crown and the Royal Mail Queen Mother Miniature Sheet comprising of four stamps each highlighting its own Royal personage; a fascinating 'portrait gallery" of the different generations of Windsor's. The coin cover is postmarked in gold ink on the 4th August 2000, the Queen Mother's birthday. The cover comes complete with gold foiling accompanied with a certificate of authenticity and enjoys a limited issue of 10,000.

The Queen Mother's 100th Birthday coin cover background:

As part of the celebrations surrounding the Queen Mother's one hundredth birthday, this special stamp issue has been made in which the Queen, Queen Mother, prince Charles and Prince William appear in a family portrait. The stamp sheet shows the family portrait in full whilst each respective twenty seven pence first class stamp focuses separately on the individual Royal Family member. Each stamp also contains the Queen's head in silhouette. The issue is unique in that it combines the Queen Mother's hundredth birthday celebration with the first ever appearance of Prince William on a postage stamp.

There have been a number of other famous commemorative stamps with the Queen Mother's portrait. In 1948 there was the commemorative Silver Wedding issue and the very attractive birthday issue celebrating the Queen mother's eightieth and ninetieth birthdays. The fact that the portrait depicts both the first grandson of the Queen Mother and the first grandson of the Queen who are also respectively first and second heir to the throne makes this issue very special and a wonderful tribute to the Queen Mother at this centennial celebration.


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